I’m back! An Update.

Oh my goodness. Well I haven’t posted since April 29th of last year, so I should probably give you all an explanation of what I’ve been up to since then. Believe me, I’ve definitely still been knitting. There have been NO knitting breaks! If I share what I’ve been knitting, I think it’s going to give the news away. So I’ll just tell you and then share all the projects. I GOT PREGNANT AND HAD A BABY!

I already knew I was pregnant in my last post, but nearly right after I finished Sólja, I started knitting for the baby. And then I kept telling myself I would post on the blog at 12 weeks, or 20 weeks, or 24 weeks… and then I never did because I was just way too nervous.

This is me in October at 30 weeks pregnant.

This is Linus. He was born on December 16th.


So those were just a few GORGEOUS photos taken by Katie Killebrew Photography. I LOVE THEM.

Less beautiful, but pretty hilarious is the photo of us immediately after birth.


Anyway, I’m not going to go into detail on each project because there are so many and I just don’t know how long this baby is going to sleep. Each is linked to my Ravelry project page. Some of these were knit before 20 weeks, so we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. So Linus will be wearing some pink in the future!


Purl Soho Friendly Fair Isle Sweater by Purl Soho


Colette by Kate Gagnon Osborn


Zeke the Aloof Alpaca by Rebecca Danger


Baby Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker

Garter Stripe Baby Socks by Jennifer Hoel


On the Go-veralls by Heidi Lehman


Playdate by tincanknits

Fly Away by tincanknits


Bumble by tincanknits


Knotted Newborn Hat by Ann Donovan


A bonnet for every little princess by Linda Castles


Knubbelchen by pezi888


The Heartskull Hat by Siouxsie Stitches


Tiny Trees Baby Vest by Kylie Bates

Love, MB

PS: I didn’t only knit baby clothes while I was pregnant. I’ll post my other projects from the last 9 months when I get a chance.



  1. Rebecca

    Oh my goodness, congratulations MB! What big and happy news; I’m thrilled for you!

    And what a lucky little guy—I totally agree with your mom. There’s a lot of love behind these incredible creations. Wishing you and your family all the best!

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