Stitch Block Cowl & Project Update



Pattern: Stitch Block Cowl by Purl Soho

Yarn: Mirasol Llama Una (100% baby llama)

You guys, I’m so happy this is finally done. I felt like I was knitting it forever. It may have been all of the knit-one-into-the-row-belows. Anyway, the patterns were a lot of fun to see develop and the yarn is super soft. I’ll be wearing this one a lot.

Other news? Well, my husband and I bought and moved into our first home! I’m trying to be pretty vigilant about cleaning, which means a little less time knitting. We love it so much. It’s a 1920s bungalow that was renovated in the last 10 years with lovely original woodwork and crystal doorknobs. No idea how we got so lucky, but we’re very grateful. We’ve been buying loads of furniture to match the style of the house and are waiting for the delivery of our new couch and bed. Otherwise, I think we’re done buying for a while. I’d really like to knit some intricate cabled pillow covers for the new couch once we get it, maybe out of some O-Wool Balance.

Below is the progress on Hawser. I actually knit the whole body before I started the Stitch Block Cowl, but Hawser and I just needed a break for a while. It’s knit in a slightly larger gauge and I needed an in-between size, so math really helped me out with this one. I just finished the first sleeve last night and would like to finish the other by the end of the week so I can block and seam over the weekend. We’ll see.



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