Fisherman’s Sweater






Pattern: Monte Rosa by Isabell Kraemer

Yarn: Wisconsin Highlands Farms Ltd Wool Worsted

So. guys. I actually finished this sweater October 16th. I didn’t post right away because I’ve been pretty pre-occupied with a whole lot of other things. Mainly, Alex and I have been house hunting, which means paperwork and bank visits and so many things that make me feel old. My husband turns 27 this month, which also makes me feel old (even if I am 18 months younger than him. HA!). I can’t wait to give him all of his presents.

So what inspired me to knit this sweater? Well, a blog I read religiously, Fringe Association, is holding the Amanda knitalong. Fringe Association (Karen) put together this panel of amazing knitters who guest post step-by-step instructions of basically How To Sweater. Also, this is the hashtag you’re supposed to use to tag your WIPs #fringeandfriendsknitalong. They pick a WIP of the week and give out really, really awesome prizes to the winner. IT IS SO COOL!

Why didn’t I participate? Well, I was just so excited about the knitalong that I basically started way early and finished way early. Now I’m reading the posts as they go and am kind of just confirming with myself that I did things correctly (I did, so far). And yes, I do get nervous to read each post because if I did something wrong, I’ll feel super dumb because I’ve been knitting for 10-11 years and should know these things. Also, this sweater is top-down, so I knew some of the posts just wouldn’t mesh up with mine.

Also, I have to mention that the yarn for this sweater is local! I bought it at the Dane County Farmers’ Market this summer. Don’t you think it has glorious stitch definition?

Pattern modifications (none really): I went down a needle size to get gauge. I just used one color.

OK. One more picture. I’ve decided that I just like posting too darn much for this to be a finished objects (FO) blog. So I’m posting the luxurious Quince & Co. Lark I just received in the mail. This is going to be a Hawser.




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