My first test knit







Pattern: Polly (to be released soon)

Designer: Elizabeth Brassard

Yarn: Ella Rae Classic Superwash in Deep Red, Vanilla, Light Grey, Deep Navy, Charcoal, Moody Blue

Hey. So I just completed my first test knit ever. Test knitting is when you team up with a designer in an agreement to basically knit their pre-published pattern and thoroughly go through the design for any errors/recommendations/suggestions. You may also be required to determine the amount of yarn you used and other important details, like what needle size you needed to obtain gauge, etc. At least, this is my impression. So far, I’m really into this test knitting thing, so I hope I have the opportunity to find some other designers who will let me test for them.

Polly is a wonderful beginner intarsia scarf, and probably the longest scarf I’ve ever knit. Polly is going to be very cozy come wintertime. I should probably get a new dark navy (or bright red?) winter coat to match, as my brown one is about 7 years old, albeit in great condition.

I had a ton of fun with this knit. It gets addicting, finishing each hexagon and thinking, OKAY, just 1 more tonight. If I happened to still be in school and unmarried, this would probably have kept me up more than a few nights. I’m beginning to think I’m a process knitter.

People who know me are probably wondering about my color choice. Well, let me explain. I’ve been completely enamored with the American Traditional style of tattooing lately. While I didn’t exactly incorporate the traditional colors, I made an effort to use some red-white-and-blue as a tribute. Also – these colors (in addition to some others) were on sale through (WEBS), making this scarf a great deal (monetarily) given the amount of yarn it required.

One last thing – bonus pic of Nausicaa, who loves to get in my pictures. Isn’t she just the sweetest girl?



One comment

  1. meganhebel

    How fun to be able to test the pattern! Your scarf turned out so cool! I love how you were inspired by traditional tattoo style for your car scheme.

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