Bermuda II: Blackcat


20140308_162803\ 20140308_162717

Yeah. I actually knit a pattern twice. I haven’t done that since I knit about 14 Knitted Babes (pattern by Clare Garland, warning: very addicting) when I was 18.  This one does look quite different from the first, though. I loved all the color changes in the yarn. I would get especially excited when I came upon the yellow/orange.

Anyway, this was made for and is modeled by my best friend. We’ve known each other for QUITE some time – 21 years –  and you may remember her from a previous post, when I knit hats for all of my bridesmaids! I planned to visit her at the end of February, and did, but had 4 more LONG rows to go when we met. So I promised it would be done and I would ship it to her in a week. Welp. I finished it on the way home, blocked, and mailed it. Alas, we couldn’t take ‘together’ pictures. We were able to get tattoos together during the trip, though. My first tattoo. No, they aren’t matching, haha. And we also ate at the most hipster restaurant I have ever happened upon. It was a very fun time.

Pattern: Bermuda Scarf by Ilga Leja

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn

PS: Isn’t that lipstick perfect and fierce? GAH!


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