Short rows and Stout

DSC_0192\ DSC_0196

Yay – another post. I’ve been powering through this scarf pattern. It really is quite the lovely pattern. Why? Well, although it does it bigger and bigger as you go, the long rows are broken up by short rows! Right when you think you can’t possibly go on, you have several short rows that make you feel like you’ve made progress. It’s very hard to put down.

The yarn incorporates all of the colors of my cat, Melvin! It really does kind of look like him. I enjoy Noro’s colorways, and I just ordered two more skeins to make another one in more vibrant colors. This is a big deal for me because I hardly ever knit a pattern twice. To those who haven’t used Noro before, however, I did find a couple breaks in the yarn in each skein, and a few splinters, too.

Pattern: Bermuda Scarf by Ilga Leja

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock

Modifications: (As per recommendations from my LYS)

CO 45 stitches, and knit the first 3 rows (Foundation Row, Row 1, Row 2) as written, but omitting the increases. Then start at knitting at Second Short Row Section. This omits the point at the bottom.



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