meow purrrrrrrrrrrr




Pattern: meow mitts by tiny owl knits

First and foremost, I must mention that I matched with a pharmacy residency on March 22nd!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!  Now all I have to do is graduate in May and pass the boards by July 1st 🙂

I knit some meow mitts over the weekend.  I think I’m in love.  I tried to make up my own intarsia/stranded knitting combination method.  I am fluent in intarsia and stranded knitting as separate entities, but are they ever worked together?  I didn’t even look it up, ahah.  This was ambitious and there are some warped stitches in certain areas.  I honestly don’t mind, and I’m still proud of myself for trying.

The kitty looks like my cat, Melvin, as you can see in this previous post.

I may never take these off.



  1. robyn1010

    Those are the most amazing mitts I have ever seen! Make sure they don’t go by way of the Three Little Kittens!!! I so hope you will make me a pair – or at least teach me how to make my own!!!

  2. Jessica

    *squeeeee*! These are just too adorable! If I had all the right colors in my stash, I’d be casting on for these *right now*.
    You did an amazing job on these!

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