Excited and nervous today.

Wee! Today we had our 2nd engagement photography session.  It was indoors at a local coffee shop.  We used some cups with our initials as props.  I did the Sharpie on porcelain + baking thing.  They survived for the shoot, but on the way home, I noticed my M is wearing off already?  Not sure how that happened, but they served their purpose.  I positively cannot wait to see the final  product!  Our photographer is absolutely amazing.

I’m also so super-duper nervous.  Tomorrow, the pharmacy residency match results come out.  Basically, it works like this.  You submit your application to programs you’re interested in.   If they like your application, you will be called/emailed for an interview.  You do the interview.  The interviews are many-hour affairs.  Then, by a certain date, the program ranks you (if they liked you-among the other candidates they liked).  You also rank the programs where you interviewed that you liked.    Then, this super computer program uses complicated math to match applicants with programs.  If you don’t match, there is a scramble – which is a much different story for another day.  Tomorrow, I’m going to be a mess, whether the results are in my favor or not.





  1. Rebe

    I’ve never made mugs like that before, so I’m not sure why it rubbed off so soon.

    It will be okay no matter the results tomorrow — but I get why your title is “gah”. Get some sleep tonight!

  2. robyn1010

    Everything happens for a reason – Tomorrow will be exciting and a surprising relief because you will finally have an answer! Try to relax – it will be OK!

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