for the mr.


Oh my!  Two posts in a row.  This fine Saturday evening, Alex and I went to a local coffee place to get some groom’s-mate hat knitting done.  (James – I’m working on yours in the picture, hehe.)  I sipped a vanilla latte while Alex tried a mexican mocha.

Did you guys know that my fiance, Alex, knits?  He is quite the prodigy, although I’m not sure he enjoys it at all.  He’d rather play guild wars or indie games.  He mostly knits hats, but did some gloves last winter (which he hates and doesn’t wear, boo), and enjoys frequent 2 color stranded knitting.  Last weekend, he finally finished the hat he’s wearing in the pictures.  I’m not sure of the pattern, so I cannot give credit where it’s due, oops.

It was an overall lovely time.  The fire was nice and warm, and we were lucky to get a couch seat.



  1. The Puny Purl

    It’s done!!! Finished it last night. Now I have to get to the post office to mail it. They have the poorest of hours. I wonder if they’re open on Friday after thanksgiving?

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