an autumn engagement

If you didn’t already know, Alex and I got engaged this Saturday Sept. 29.  Lovely day.  We went to an apple orchard in Fitchburg, WI called Eplegaarden and picked a peck of apples, took a hay ride around the orchard, and finished with a caramel apple for me, and apple cider for him.  If you haven’t tried a caramel apple from an orchard, I urge you to do this.

Alex didn’t propose AT Eplegaarden.  We came home, and I prepared to take a nap.  Climbing trees is tiring.  Then Alex just whipped out a box and said “here, open it.” So I opened it, and he asked.  I said “yes.” That was that.

The ring was too big.  I’m very petite, but I thought my finger was a 4.5.  Turns out it’s a 4.  On Sunday evening, we took the ring to the jeweler.  They said it would be ready today, so we picked it up at 5PM after work/school.  It fits! (Side note: the diamond is an antique from my great grandma Marji’s first engagement ring; it’s very special).

I’m currently creating a guest list right now and figuring out how I’m going to budget this thing.  Let me in on any clues, tips, and hints you might spare.

We now have 16 apples we aren’t sure what to do with.  Alex used 3 for some applesauce, so I’m betting we’ll make more of that.


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