Let me remind you that I am in a coed pharmaceutical fraternity called Kappa Psi (Beta Psi chapter).  Yesterday was our formal rush, which is when all the interested students decide to pledge.  It was very successful!  Although I didn’t make it to any of the rush events (darn rotations!), I did get to meet a bunch of new ladies and gentleman who are pledging to be brothers in our fraternity.  This is super-duper exciting for me!  It’s my favorite time of year.

So, I made up a pattern for a hat like this a while ago.  I lost the pattern.  Then I made the pattern up again.  I think it is basically the same.  I like it.  It doesn’t match my coat, but it isn’t coat weather yet.  Comment if you’d like the pattern.   Leave your name and email.


  1. Thao

    This is magnificent. You did an awesome job!
    I hail from Gamma Omega chapter and I’d LOVE the pattern to make for this year’s Christmas exchange!

    (Psst, why isn’t this in KP colors? For shame!)

  2. Harrison

    Woo Hoo. Epsilon Eta. We don’t get much cold down here in South Florida but I would rock that thing for the 3 days that are under 50 degrees!

  3. Shravan Prasad

    Stumbled upon this Googling “PTBYB”
    Greetings from Gamma Pi over here in St. Louis! I’d kill to have one of those right about now, this weather has been deathly the past few months!

  4. Dom

    I also found this page by googling ptbyb! I’m from Gamma Delta at Ohio Northern University so a hat like this would have been pretty useful for me from about October til last week (it literally snowed last week lol)! Anyways though, this is really cool hat; I love the creativity!!

  5. Numera Q

    I too googled PTBYB (still don’t remember what it stands for… opps), but I want that hat for the terrible Chicago winters! Greetings From UIC KY Chi Chapter :)

  6. PK

    Greetings from Beta Nu (Creighton). Like so many others here, I found this page googling ptbyb. Ironically, it snowed here in Omaha today and it’s APRIL!! Could have totally rocked this hat today! Great job! it looks great!

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