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hi.  Alex and I upholstered a headboard for our 2nd anniversary.  mmhhmmmm that was super stressful.  Now I know we can get through anything.  I love us.  We used the directions from this blog – but gave up on the tufting when our fabric-covered buttons kept falling apart.

Lessons I learned in the process-

1. Home Depot: Beware – nobody knows what an upholstered headboard is, or how to mount one on a wall.  We figured it out ourselves by looking at blogs and having some general knowledge about using studs and hanging heaving things.  Also, you may have to ask 4 people about the location of an item before you get a straight answer, which may or may not be correct (let’s face it, probably not); but if you find that one guy or girl that really, really knows where everything is, follow him/her around the store and ask all the questions you can think of before they disappear.  Home Depot cuts your plywood to any size you want, too – so we didn’t have to borrow a saw from friends or parents – risking amputation and the likes.

2. Joann Fabric: DON’T GO HERE ON A SATURDAY. You’ll be met with an army of married and divorced 40something mothers gossiping about their children, husbands, lovers, and frenemies (sp?) buying nasty fleece they will tie into blankets; meanwhile you’re waiting in line with an armload of foam that weighs as much as you do on a bloated day.  Also, always use coupons!  Foam here is super expensive (for 3″ foam = $44.99/yard!!).  Alex was about to have a heart attack before the foam-cutter woman asked if we had coupons.  I asked “what coupons are available?”… then she tipped us off on a $3.99 coupon book we could buy and save 50% on any 2 items, and 40% on 2 more items.  Hello! We got $60 off our foam and $10 off our batting.  Not sure if we would’ve been able to afford this project otherwise.  Oofda.  I love coupons.

3. The Sewcial Lounge (Monroe St. in Madison, WI): Um.  This store is amazing.  The fabrics here are seriously awesome, mod, and everything good. I wish I knew how to sew something besides the pillow sham from 7th grade home economics.  Their site is here: http://www.thesewciallounge.com/.  I’m going to go here again and get fabrics to make pillows.  Maybe I’ll even register for a class when I have the time and $$.

4. Brasserie V: You always have time for some frites and aioli. No excuses. No diets. (Go out to a favorite eatery if you get stressed)

5. Button kits (the ones used to upholster buttons) suck.  Seriously.  I’ve read that you can go to an upholsterer to get this done.  DO IT.  Button kits don’t work with thick fabrics.  This was going to be a tufted headboard with 8 non-dramatic tufts split into 2 rows.  Buttons fell apart.  No tufts accomplished, although, not for the lack of trying.  I do love our headboard the way it is, and wouldn’t change it for the world, so I’m glad these buttons sucked.

6. Your boyfriend may not be as excited about making a headboard as you are.  He suggested the idea because he knew you wanted to do it and he wanted to make you happy – not because he was excited about it.  He does  get a brand new staple gun and drill out of the deal, though. hehe.

Yep.  It was a great experience!  If I ever get tired of the fabric I can just rip off this fabric and buy 3 yards of a different one.


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