first blanket

Well, not my first blanket.  My first blanket is in several hundred pieces scattered around WI.  I have the largest pieces with me, which are in dire need of washing (they’ve been used for nose-blowing, makeup removing, and face rubbing for over a year without a proper cleanse), but I’m too scared they will all fall apart in the machine, or in my hands if I go that route.  Because it’s almost autumn and I know I’ll be chilly very soon, I knit a blanket that’s much more functional and clean.  The pattern is by Lion Brand Yarn, and the yarn is, too.  I bought cheap yarn because I’m poor and thought the wool/acrylic mix might make the blanket look more worn and 60s/70s.  You can check out the project page for details.
look at how much of a difference lighting makes.  boo.  i hate picture-taking.

(inside lights)


One comment

  1. Mom

    The blanket looks warm and wonderful. If only I could get just one of my knitting projects done! Excited to see what your next project will be! xoxo

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