Yay!  I finished another sweater.  Actually, I finished knitting it a few weeks ago, but I sewed the buttons on Tuesday (finally).  It fits really well, so I’m excited.  The pattern is Modern Juliet (so I call it Julie) by Joanne Lew-Goltz.  The yarn is 100% merino wool (hand-dyed) Malabrigo Arroyo in color 058 Borrajas.  I’m not typically a purple lover, but this one caught my eye.  Alex bought the yarn for me in mid-April when we were perusing one of our local yarn stores!  He also takes all my pictures 😉

I made a couple of modifications to the pattern so it would better fit my style.  I shortened the sleeves and got rid of the detail on the ends.  I also opened up the bottom and put a garter edge on the sides so it would fit like a tunic.

It’s paired with a super cute slip-dress I got in New York for a summery bohemian vibe.  Unfortunately, it was really cold today so I have goosebumps in the pictures (see legs)!



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