three projects

Sorry in advance for the worthless pictures.  I haven’t posted for a while.  Why?  I’m in the middle of a long, long project (at least for me).  Obviously I had an obsession with worsted weight for a reason – it is large, and so projects can be completed quickly.  For spring, I was thinking sport weight yarn would be a bit more appropriate.  I headed down to my LYS and found some gorgeous Malabrigo Arroyo in a color called Borrajas (very purple, almost a Barney the Dinosaur purple), my boyfriend bought the yarn, and I’m super grateful.  I LOVE IT.  Anyway, so I’m knitting a pullover called Modern Juliet by Joanne Lew-Goltz.  I call her Julie for short.  I have a few mods up my sleeve, but this is the overall concept.  It is knit top-down, so no seaming is necessary (yay).  Seriously though, it is taking forever.

So, one of my friends is having a baby.  She’s not going to find out the biological sex, therefore, I have decided to settle on a light gray unisex sweater.  This is made out of Cascade Ultra Pima (DK weight).  It is super soft, and very washable.  This is the pattern: Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker.  I got the yarn at Wisconsin Craft Market.  One of my friends tipped me off that they actually had a good selection of yarn (esp. like… a rainbow wall of Cascade 220, hehe).  I’m glad she did, because I had no idea!  Anyway, I bought two skeins, but I only need one.  I’m not sure what I’ll make with the other.  Regardless, I have to finish before finals begin so I can give it to her before she is due.  I won’t be seeing her over the summer, and I’d like to give it to her in person.  This shouldn’t be a problem.  It is so tiny, simple, and works up quickly.

I also finally received a package I ordered a month and a half ago that will allow me to begin another project I’ve been thinking about for a long time!  I’m super-duper excited about this one!  It’s gonna be so much fun!  I’ll keep you waiting until it’s ready 😉


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