School keeps me busy, too busy… and although I’ve been knitting, there’s been no picture-taking time!  Today (yay!) I finally got the pictures taken. Thanks, Alex!

This shrug (finished February 26) I call Beatrice.  She is made out of 100% merino wool yarn by Madeline Tosh.  Beautiful.  The pattern is Possum Shrug by Adelin, but was heavily modified to fit my chicken-like arms.


Because I really, really like wearing things around my neck in the springtime I convinced Alex to loan me some of his yarn to make a cowl, Earl.  The pattern? Celtic Cable Neckwarmer by Lindsay Henricks.  This one was finished by March 6, once I had time to purchase some wooden buttons.


Current project: I’m working on a big cable-y cardigan in teal.  I needed something that would take me a while to knit so I could save myself from buying yarn all the time.

The goal is to finish said cable-y cardigan before spring break (beginning April 1).



  1. Mom

    Love the shrug – I sure want one! And the cowl – well you already know I am going to knit that! And your April 1st deadline – I hope I can finish something…anything by April 1st! Your knitting is amazing! Hugs to my knitting kid!

  2. Miss Stacy Foo Foo

    Stunning Mur!
    And the blue neck piece is a gorgeous color! I’m going to have to commission you one day 🙂

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