Handmade Holiday – Day 3

After I knit  up a quick beret for my step-mom’s November birthday (not posted), I got back to my Christmas projects.  This was my next one.

The following is a hat that I thought would be below budget, but ended up going over.  My gauge was correct, but I used nearly double the yarn that the pattern called for.  Why?  I think I know the culprit.  On Ravelry, the pattern called for 110 yards.  In the actual pattern directions, it called for 2 skeins of 110 yards.  Me, being the smarty that I am, only read the Ravelry pattern page to start out.  My bad.  In the end, I was lucky enough that my LYS actually had another skein left in the correct colorway.


Anyway, the hat is being modeled by my boyfriend, Alex, who has a much larger head than his father, who I’m sure it will fit better.  It knit up in a very thick fabric due to it being heavy worsted/bulky weight yarn, in addition to being held double-stranded.  The color is hard to describe.  It is brownish- but with hints of green and orange.  These aren’t flecks of yarn, per se, but just “hints.” The brim has minimal cabling and would be good for a beginner.

Made for: Steve White

Relationship: Boyfriend’s (Alex) Dad

Pattern: Louche Cap by Staceyjoy Elkin

Yarn Used: Berroco Voyage

Above or below budget: Above


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